Rainstorm washes out Gosport Regatta until September 28

2013-06-07 14.39.59

The seas from the West End of the front porch

Oh, the weather outside was frightful, and we measured gusts of up to 16 knots of wind on the front porch with average temperatures of 47°F. Alas, we’ll have to wait until September 28 for the fourth annual Gosport Regatta to mark the end of the season with a celebration.

Moisture from Tropical Storm Andrea is expected to bring heavy rain to New Hampshire beginning late Friday night and extending through the weekend (with the storm hitting twice on Saturday, the original date planned for the regatta).

Here are a few more pictures from a rain soaked Star Island with which to wile away the time until the regatta:

2013-06-07 14.43.57 2013-06-07 14.43.33

2013-06-07 14.40.18

White Island

2013-06-07 14.44.06

Brookfield porch

2013-06-07 14.45.16

View over the breakwater

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