NHC, ISHRA and YES arrive with a bang

2013-06-23 11.12.02

The Rutledge Marine Lab walks and events signs during a busy week.

The Natural History, Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association, and Youth Empowerment and Spirituality conferences arrived this past Saturday and kept us busy at Rutledge with a number of insightful discussions and walks. As a naturalist on Star Island, you learn quickly to value all of the knowledge that the members of these conferences have about the Island’s history, flora and fauna. We’ve located one locally rare species of plants (the previously reported Seaside Milkwort) and learned quite a lot about fungi (the theme of NHC this year).

We were lucky enough, as well, to be able to invite conservationist, birder and photographer Eric Masterson out to give a warmly received talk yesterday where he discussed the best places and ways to find those special bird species every birder hopes to see. If you want to learn more about Eric’s work, you can look back at one of our previous posts. The conferences also were delighted by the talk Dan and Melissa Hayward gave about their work on White Island restoring tern populations.

Well, that’s all from this beautiful island for the moment. We can’t wait to see all of you out here at your conferences and to have you come visit us at the lab.

2013-06-17 16.29.27

We’ve had lots of thunderstorms blow in this past week after very hot days.

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