Rozilia Project comes to Star Island, films Gosport Harbor floor

As a part of their Mission Atlantic, the Rozilia Project for a Clean Ocean visited Star Island last week during our Arts Conference and just recently posted a video about their visit. You can find it here:

The Rozilia Project connects people of all ages to their underwater world and inspires them to be part of the solution by using underwater robots (ROVs) and sonar as well as nets to locate and remove marine debris. In fact, they may return to Star Island later in the summer to run a few educational programs for our youth and show them what the bottom of Gosport Harbor looks like.

But you need not wait, as they’ve posted a video of their recent filming of “ghost” (or unused/abandoned) lobster traps in the harbor. Find it here:

Pictures of the American Promise.

Pictures of the American Promise.

In the summer of 2013, the Rozilia Project has worked with another of our partners, the Blue Ocean Society, to help organize beach clean-ups around the seacoast region. As part of our growing partnership, the members of their project invited a number of Pelicans out to visit their 60-foot ship, The American Promise. In return, they attended our Arts Pel Show and the staff of Rutledge and Vaughn Cottage gave them a tour of the Island.

The work of Rozilia is unique and action based because they take trash out of the water rather than just pointing at it, and operate nationwide from docks and shorelines throughout New England. In particular, their programs include underwater trash-hunting with the ROV, presentations, STEM education-based activities for grades 3-12, cleanups and research projects throughout North America. If you see their boat around, make sure you say hello. And find out more here:

One last video of their work with Blue Ocean Society in Gosport Harbor for your viewing pleasure:

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