Ever wonder about the sub that sank off Lunging Island?

What happened the morning of June 20, 1941 off the Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire that killed 33 men? On that tragic day, the USS 0-9 sank.


The precise location of the American submarine USS O-9’s final resting place remained unknown until September 20, 1997 when Glen Reem, a retired U.S. Navy Captain led a search and found it. He was aided by Klein Associates Inc.’s side-scan sonar equipment which took the above picture.

Images reveal  O-9 lying on its side on the ocean floor. Aft of the conning tower, the submarine appears crushed but the forward portion appears intact.

The below United States Navy photo of the USS 0-9 shows its launch on January 27, 1918 at the Fore River Shipbuilding Co., in Quincy, Massachusetts. After service protecting the East coast from German U-boats in World War I, the sub was used to train U.S. Navy sailors in World War II.uss_O9_sideview_600

The expedition that found the sub’s final resting place was made in 2004 expedition by  the Marine Sciences Program of the University of Connecticut research vessel Connecticut in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Ocean Exploration, the states of Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, and the History Channel.

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