Hoboken Charter High School Students Help Setup Lab/Intitiate Citizen Science Research


Journaling about their experiences on Star Island.

“I thought I was going to miss watching TV but came to find out the source of entertainment was right here.”

This year, we owe a debt of thanks to 14 students from the Hoboken Charter High School in New Jersey for helping set up the lab and kick-off our citizen science projects. In particular, our students visited from June 1 to 7 and undertook several new and existing citizen science projects including:

  • Mapping nests/eggs of Herring Gulls in the Lover’s Colony of Star Island.


    Helping set up our outdoor turtle terrarium straight from the Art Barn Pond.

  • Building our fouling plate experiment.
  • Initiating our first transects of Star Island’s terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Building terrariums for our snakes, turtles and freshwater fish.
  • Setting up our intertidal and outdoor tanks.
  • Building our lab’s sea monster (out front) from trash collected from the ocean around the Isles of Shoals.

Thanks guys for all the hard work!

During their time on Island, each of the students also helped with open-up work such as adding netting to the fences along the pier and helping to wash dining room chairs. This approach to service learning had many of the students commenting they’d definitely be back to be Pelicans.

Below a few pictures and quotes from the students about their time on Island.

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