End of Pier Fish Trap Brings New Fish to Lab

We’ve had a busy June!!! The lab has been re-plumbed to better oxygenate our fish and invertebrate companions, we’ve had a volunteer diver visit us twice, and our head Naturalist Arthur Eves arrived along with 300 eager All Star 1 conferees this week.

In the past few weeks, we also perfected our end-of-the-pier trap and I wanted to take a moment to share some of our most recent visitors with you. Be sure to look for them during your time on Star this summer too!

The Cunner (as it's known commonly in New England) or Bergall

The Cunner (as it’s known commonly in New England) or Bergall

On it’s first night (unfortunately during our first Pel Show for ARTS…making this Pelican late for Pel Chorus), the trap caught 14 Cunner. Many of these fish live around Star’s pier and docks, preferring to hide amongst the rocks and algae. STAR FISHERMAN’S TIP: If you’re short on bait, these fish are known to bite on bacon saved from the dining hall.

Our Tomcod.

Related to the fish that made these Islands known, our head Naturalist awoke this morning to find a juvenile Tomcod in our trap. A cousin to those that made Star home centuries ago? STAR FISHERMAN’S TIP: Not sure how to catch these reliable but stay tuned as we did hear a boater say they had caught one in the harbor.

Our juvenile pollock.

Along with our juvenile Cod, our trap brought in a young Pollock as well. Look for him in our side tank when you’re in the lab this year. STAR FISHERMAN’S TIP: Catch adults of these and Mackerel reliable with Mummichogs or mussels as bait off a row boat.

And don’t forget your bucket so you can bring them to lab…

That reference in case you want to read more about Cod: http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2013/11/20/not-enough-codfish



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