A Star Island Lightning Storm from the West Porch

Yet more beautiful shots.

A beautiful shot of the storm’s surreal clouds as it rolled by the West end of the Oceanic porch.

After weeks of hot and dry weather, the grass on Star had begun to turn brown and most of us had begun our routine of swimming at the dock three times a day. With the Island packed with 300 guests from All Star 1, the stage was set for a lively and exciting thunderstorm that turned into a night of much needed rain.

The cloud formations were amazing and remarked on by more than one person even though the storm forced the end of the Pelican-Conferee softball game in the fifth inning. Below we’ve posted a few of the best shots which captured this idyllic Island moment.

The storm rolls by...

A panorama of the storm rolling by as Pelicans and conferees gathered to watch.

The storm's approach from behind the Summer House.

The storm’s approach from behind the Summer House. Bolts of lightning could be seen in the distance (although we couldn’t catch one).

Some of the amazing cloud formations (even though this storm preceded Tropical Storm Arthur by a day).

Some of the amazing cloud formations (even though this storm preceded Tropical Storm Arthur by a day).

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Caught on film, a Star Island storm

So, I’ve been remiss in posting these photos from June 17. But, as we all know, the weather on Star Island can be pretty variable (no it doesn’t always rain every day as we are currently experiencing). In the span of 30 minutes on this bright sunny day, a storm blew in and out of the Isles of Shoals so quickly that it caught us all by surprise.

Well, nearly. A few quick acting Pels made sure the Island’s Zodiac (inflatable boat) that broke loose from our dock was quickly secured while others had the hotel windows shut before the storm hit. No serious damage was done to the Island despite winds that blew in excess of 60 mph and driving rains that joined it shortly after.

2013-06-17 16.29.00

The approach of the storm.

2013-06-17 16.29.27

A view of it over Smuttynose Island with rains falling.

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Rainstorm washes out Gosport Regatta until September 28

2013-06-07 14.39.59

The seas from the West End of the front porch

Oh, the weather outside was frightful, and we measured gusts of up to 16 knots of wind on the front porch with average temperatures of 47°F. Alas, we’ll have to wait until September 28 for the fourth annual Gosport Regatta to mark the end of the season with a celebration.

Moisture from Tropical Storm Andrea is expected to bring heavy rain to New Hampshire beginning late Friday night and extending through the weekend (with the storm hitting twice on Saturday, the original date planned for the regatta).

Here are a few more pictures from a rain soaked Star Island with which to wile away the time until the regatta:

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