Current Experiments/Demonstrations

Only a portion of the trash collected on Smuttynose Island, NH in June of 2013.

Only a portion of the trash collected on Smuttynose Island, NH during a walk in June of 2013.

Humans and the Isles of Shoals
In support of the Star Island Corporation’s mission for sustainability (which includes embracing solar energy), this year the Lyman V. Rutledge Marine Laboratory has created exhibits that examine what it means to be sustainable on a small island.

We examine the relationship of human beings to the ecosystems of the Isles of Shoals through exhibits on the sea urchin populations on Star Island, the impacts of breakwaters, and how the island’s flora and fauna have changed throughout the islands’ different eras.

In addition, we’re asking all visitors to help with our on-going artistic and scientific endeavors that reflect this mission. Our projects include:
– Making art from trash collected on the Isles of Shoals
– Transects to study intertidal and terrestrial island ecosystems
– Fouling plates to study benthic organisms off our dock
E-Birding to help track bird populations with Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab
– Surveys of the population of gulls at Star Island’s Lover’s Colony
– Microscopic surveys of sea water on a large-screen television
– How waves propagate (at least as seen in a tank)

Past Projects:
– Rainwater circulation through plant roots
– Solar ovens to dry sea weed
– Studying the Isles of Shoals benthic community utilizing fouling plates
– A working fish weir
– Animal bones recreated using coat hanger wires

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